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Courses in the current section are not standalone programs.
Before purchasing a training course, please download and install our free graphical interface Peshk@ 2.0 with demo versions of training courses.
You will receive a link after purchasing a course. Click on the link (on the same computer where Peshk@ installed), and the course will be installed automatically in Peshka.

Training with Peshk@ courses by ChessOK: ELO 2400+ in just two years. READ THE ARTICLE

OFFER 1 - MULTIPLATFORM: You can buy our training courses (such as CT-ART 6.0 and others) in three different versions:

1. Multiplatform for 5 systems: Windows standalone, Web (any browser), iOS, MacOS (v.10.15+) and Android OS** - 30% off!
2. Windows only version - 50% off!
3. Upgrade your Windows only version to work on 4 more platforms (see above) - 50% off!

**Note: You will receive the activation instructions for Windows immediately and for other version - within 2 days after purchase.

Featured Products - Chess Training (Download)

CT-ART 5.0 - Complete Chess Tactics (download, Multiplatform 5x)CT-ART 5.0 - Complete Chess Tactics (download, Multiplatform 5x)
CT-ART is the world's most recognized and effective chess tactics course. The new CT-ART 5.0 combines three levels of chess tactics on three discs.

€33.69 €23.58Save: 30% off

Monthly Specials For December

Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0 (Download, Windows only)Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0 (Download, Windows only)
Levels 1 - 4 [Rating 200-1400]; Tactics. Over 2200 tactical exercises classified by theme and difficulty

€17.94 €8.97Save: 50% off
Complete Chess Course (Download, Windows only)Complete Chess Course (Download, Windows only)
Levels 3 - 5 [Rating 1000-1600]; Tactics, Strategy. 55 lessons with mote than 1200 examples and exercises.

€17.94 €8.97Save: 50% off
CT-ART for Beginners (Download, Windows only)CT-ART for Beginners (Download, Windows only)
Level 5 [Rating 1400-1600]; Tactics. 150 examples and 1500 exercises on more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.

€17.94 €8.97Save: 50% off
Training Package for Beginners (Download, Windows only)Training Package for Beginners (Download, Windows only)
Training Package for Beginners includes huge carefully selected material to improve the skill level of newer players.

€39.38 €19.69Save: 50% off
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