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16th World Champion (download)16th World Champion (download)
All 1198 games played by the World Champion. About 230 of them with commentary. 80 exercises: play like Carlsen and play against Carlsen.

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4 World Chess Champions (download)4 World Chess Champions (download)
This package includes 4 courses: Fischer, Kasparov, Anand, Carlsen.

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Combo World Champions (download)Combo World Champions (download)
Three courses on legendary World Champions: Fischer, Kasparov and Anand. All games, commentary, "Play like a champion" exercises.

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Viswanathan Anand - 15th World Champion (download)Viswanathan Anand - 15th World Champion (download)
All 2929 games played by the World Champion. About 550 of them with commentary. 191 exercises: play like Anand and play against Anand.

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CT-ART 5.0 - Complete Chess Tactics (download)CT-ART 5.0 - Complete Chess Tactics (download)
CT-ART is the world's most recognized and effective chess tactics course. The new CT-ART 5.0 combines three levels of chess tactics on three discs.

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Alexander Alekhine - 4th World Champion (download)Alexander Alekhine - 4th World Champion (download)
This is a re-release of the course in the Peshk@ interface supporting new versions of Windows. The course contains 1300 commented games played by the 4th World Champion Alexander Alekhine.

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Mikhail Tal - 8th World Champion (download)Mikhail Tal - 8th World Champion (download)
The most complete collection of Tal’s games ever compiled. Contains 2,592 games, covering the entire career of the most brilliant attacking chessplayer in history.

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Garry Kasparov - 13th World Champion (download)Garry Kasparov - 13th World Champion (download)
All 2466 games played by the legendary World Champion. 300 with commentary. 225 exercises: play like Kasparov and play against Kasparov.

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Bobby Fischer - 11th World Champion (download)Bobby Fischer - 11th World Champion (download)
All 946 games played by the legendary World Champion, 217 of them with commentary. 130 exercises.

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Complete Chess Opening (3 courses, download)Complete Chess Opening (3 courses, download)
Opening Lab + Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders + How to Win Miniatures at Chess

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