Wooden chess pieces «Battle» N5 with weighting agent

Product 6/15
Product 6/15
Wooden chess pieces «Battle» N5 with weighting agent


Wooden tournament chess pieces made of beech, designed in a strict classical style and covered with lacquer. Each piece has a weighting agent inside for a better stable position on the board. Pieces have a felt basement made of red velvet. The basement eliminates the scratches while moving your chess piece on the board. Pieces are of black and orange-yellow color.

Size of pieces:
King: height 9 cm, base 3.7 cm.
Pawn: height 4.5 cm, base 2,7 cm.
The weight of the pieces set 0.6 kg.

Made in Russia.

The most harmonious combination is with chess boards with square size from 4x4 to 5.3x5.3 square cm.

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