Learn to play the Queen's Gambit

Product 31/49
Product 31/49
Learn to play the Queen's Gambit


Authors: Anatoly Karpov, Nikolay Kalinichenko

This new book by many-times world champion Anatoly Karpov and the author of more than fifty books, grandmaster Nikolay Kalinichenko, is devoted to one of the most complicated and strategically deep openings - the Queen's Gambit Declined. Using games played by the strongest grandmasters, it describes the interesting ideas which have appeared in the main development systems of this opening. The book is aimed at strong players, but it will also be of interest to a wide range of chess enthusiasts.

Moscow 2018

443 pages
Hard cover
Format: 22 х 15 х 3
Weight: 667 g
Language: English.

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