An Aggresive Opening Repertoire for the Club Player

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Product 31/31
An Aggresive Opening Repertoire for the Club Player

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Nikolai Kalinichenko, an international grandmaster in correspondence play and the author of some 40 chess titles, presents here a complete and up-to-date opening repertoire. It is intended for players of a attacking style, or for use when the competitive situation demands an aggressive approach. The repertoire is based on 1 e4 as White, and the Sicilian Dragon and Leningrad Dutch as Black. Suggestions are also offered against all the opponent's main alternatives.
Also available is the companion volume A Positional Opening Repertoire for the Club Player, offering a range of openings which are closely linked, but which are less forcefull in character.

English language. Color hard cover. 230 pages, 2007.

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