CSO Starter 1: Absolute Beginner

Product 1/4
Product 1/4
CSO Starter 1: Absolute Beginner

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Chess School Online Starter is a web-based chess teaching platform. You can access it anytime, anywhere, using a web browser and Internet connection.

With CSO Starter: Absolute Beginner you receive access to 34 lessons that will introduce you to the rules of chess, tell you about chess pieces and teach you some basic tricks.

The course is composed by an experienced chess trainer Sergei Slugin.

Each lesson includes 2 parts:

  1. Theory: a fully voiced and animated video lesson
  2. Practice: 10-50 interactive exercises

The Starter package is meant for individual study.

Upon purchase, you receive lifelong access to all materials in the course.

FREE TRIAL: You can use the demo account below to try this product.
The account includes 3 lessons from each course.

Sign in at: school.chessok.com
Username: demo
Password: 1234

After signing in, go to Classes. You will see three groups of lessons, one from each sub-course. Click on one of the groups to unfold it, then click View.
On the left, you will see the navigation panel to switch between lessons and groups of exercises.
On the right is the display scree with theory and exercises.

Table of contents:

Chess School Online 1 (Absolute Beginner)

1. Introduction
2. The Chessboard
3. Chess Notation
4. Pieces
5. The Initial Position
6. The Pawn
7. The Pawn. Part 2
8. The Rook
9. The Rook. Part 2
10. The Bishop
11. The Bishop. Part 2
12. The Queen
13. The Queen. Part 2
14. The Knight
15. The Knight. Part 2
16. Chess Pieces. Revision
17. The Value of Pieces
18. Choosing a Piece to Capture
19. The King
20. The King. Part 2
21. Check
22. Discovered Check and Double Check
23. Checkmate
24. Mate in One
25. Castling
26. Mate in One - More Complicated Cases
27. Mate in One - More Complicated Cases. Part 2
28. Draw. Stalemate, Perpetual Check
29. The Lawn mower Mate
30. Mate in Two
31. Mate with King and Queen
32. Double Attack
33. Double Attack, Check to Win a Piece
34. Revision

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