Chess Guide for Club Players (Download, Multiplatform 5x)

Product 6/11
Product 6/11
Chess Guide for Club Players (Download, Multiplatform 5x)

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Levels 6 - 7 [Rating 1600-2000]

This is the multiplatform version of the course supporting the following platforms:

**Note: You will receive the activation instructions for all non-Peshk@ versions within 2 days after purchase.

This chess teaching program for club players is based on a textbook by a distinguished Russian chess trainer Victor Golenishchev. The theory is supplemented with examples of play by lead chess players from major contests and is organized in chess lessons.

The chess course is designed for 1 year and contains 75 lessons, including theory and practical exercises in the form of chess puzzles. The theoretical part includes more than 400 teaching examples. The practical part includes more than 200 puzzles of varying difficulty.

  • Study the theoretical material and test your knowledge
  • See changes in your rating
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Play against computer starting with a set position
  • Print exercises

Language: English.

System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 256 Mb RAM, hard disk 100Mb, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.


1. Attacking the king in the center
2. Attacking the king when both sides castle to the same flank
3. The calculation mistakes
4. Training the technique of calculation
5. The "good" and the "bad" bishops
6. The bishop is stronger than the knight
7. The knight is stronger than the bishop
8. The bishops of opposite color in the middlegame
9. Bringing a piece out of play
10. Exploiting the open and semi-open files
11. Open and semi-open files and attacking the king
12. An outpost on an open or semi-open file
13. Fighting for an open file
14. Strong pawn center
15. Undermining the pawn center
16. Pieces against the pawn center
17. Pieces and pawns in the center
18. The center's role in flank operations
19. Two bishops in the middlegame
20. Two bishops in the endgame
21. Successful struggle against a bishop pair
22. The weak points in opponent's camp
23. The weakness of a complex of squares
24. About some strong points
25. The pawn weaknesses
26. The doubled pawns
27. A retarded pawn on a semi-open file
28. A passed pawn
29. Queen vs. two rooks
30. Queen vs. Rook and a minor piece
31. The queen vs. the three minor pieces
32. Compensation for the queen
33. Two rooks vs. three minor pieces
34. Two minor pieces vs. Rook (with pawns)
35. The rook vs. the minor piece and two pawns
36. Compensation for the rook
37. The minor piece vs. the three pawns
38. Compensation for a minor piece
39. The learning positions
40. Geometry of the chessboard. The "shoulder charging" technique
41. The endings with the passed pawns for both sides
42. The breakthrough
43. A better deployment of pawns
44. The reserve tempi
45. The activity of the king
46. Obtaining the pawn endgame as a method of realization of a material or a positional advantage
47. About the study composition. Some study ideas in practice
48. Learning positions
49. Control of the seventh rank
50. Using the open file
51. The endgames with the passed pawns
52. The activity in the rook endings
53. Exploiting the pawn weaknesses
54. Some resources of the defense
55. Realization of a material advantage
56. Realization of a positional advantage
57. Some rook studies

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