Complete Chess Opening (3 CDs)

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Product 4/8
Complete Chess Opening (3 CDs)

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Complete Chess Opening is the world’s most recognized and effective chess opening course. The Complete Chess Opening combines three methods of studying chess opening: theoretical studies, exercise solving and opening blunders analysis.

Opening Lab is a perfect opening manual. It features a theoretical review of all the chess openings, which are illustrated by instructive games of the greatest chess players. This compact opening manual contains a detailed classification, which makes it useful to players of any level - beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Each opening variation is supplied with evaluations and characteristics of key moves. The theoretic material is nicely illustrated by classic games.

Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders – Learn to play chess by learning the opening mistakes and traps that have been discovered over time. The program designed for studying the blunders in more than 40 openings and contains over 1250 instructive exercises of varying difficulty from practical games.

How to Win Miniatures at Chess - learn to attack and win in the opening: a great number of exercises will give you a fine chance to master every standard method of attacking the king in your chosen opening and help you to come out on top in your future games. This course is intended for club players and includes more than 6600 exercises for mating in the opening. All the exercises are taken from practical games and arranged according to the names of openings.

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