Lacquered chess pieces for everyday use

Product 3/15
Product 3/15
Lacquered chess pieces for everyday use


«Everyday» chess is a small chess set, made in vintage style. There are 32 chess pieces (without weight) and a folding chessboard.

Chess pieces (dark-brown and yellow color) are made of pine and covered with lacquer. The basement of pieces is made of black leatherette. This basement provides a more stable position for the piece on the board and eliminates the scratches while moving your chess piece.

The board is wooden and can be folded in half. There is a chess notation on the edges of the field. Board leaves are connected with a metal lock. There is a place to keep chess pieces inside the board.

It is easy to take and transport this set, due to the small size.

This set is also good for children education from 3 to 7 years because a child can see all the field and child's hand can reach easily the other side of the board.

Size of the opened board - 29x29 square cm.
Folded board - 29x14,5 square cm.
Size of the field is 26x26 square cm.
King height - 7,2 cm, base diameter of king – 2.2 cm.
Bishop height - 6 cm, base diameter of bishop - 2,2 cm.
Pawn height - 4,5 cm, base diameter of pawn - 2,2 cm.

Made in Russia.

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