4 World Chess Champions (DVD)

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Product 1/2
4 World Chess Champions (DVD)

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This package includes 4 courses: Fischer, Kasparov, Anand, Carlsen:

Bobby Fischer - 11th World Champion

All 946 games played by the legendary World Champion, 217 of them with commentary. Games are arranged in chronological order.
130 exercises: play like Fischer and play against Fischer.

Garry Kasparov - 13th World Champion

Considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov left a legacy definitely worth studying.
This course contains all 2466 games played by the legendary World Champion. About 300 of them with commentary. 225 exercises: play like Kasparov and play against Kasparov.

Viswanathan Anand - 15th World Champion

All 2929 games played by Viswanathan Anand. About 550 of them with commentary. 191 exercises: play like Anand and play against Anand.
Described by grandmaster and chess commentator Lubomir Kavalek as one of the most versatile world champions ever, Anand has won the World Chess Championship five times, and was the undisputed World Champion from 2007 to 2013.
Anand was the World Blitz Chess champion in 2000, was the FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion in 2003, and is widely considered the strongest rapid player of his generation.

Magnus Carlsen - 16th World Champion

All 1198 games played by the World Champion. About 230 of them with commentary. 80 exercises: play like Carlsen and play against Carlsen.

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