Chess Training by Level

All our courses are now sorted by level of play and recommended rating! Every level lists the most important themes and motifs it covers and develops.

Many courses have already been ported to Android, and more are coming! You can find the links to their respective pages on Google Play in the description of each level in our shop.

Monthly Specials For October

Chess Combinations Encyclopedia (on CD)Chess Combinations Encyclopedia (on CD)
Levels 4 - 7 [Rating 1200-2000]; Tactics. A fundamental course on chess tactics. 4000 examples and exercises on more than 100 tactical methods and motifs.

€14.35 €9.99Save: 30% off
Chess Tactics Level 2 (Download, Multiplatform 5x)Chess Tactics Level 2 (Download, Multiplatform 5x)
Levels 3 - 4 [Rating 1000-1400]; Tactics. Over 750 tactical exercises.

€14.35 €9.99Save: 30% off
Chess School for Beginners (12 computers)Chess School for Beginners (12 computers)
Levels 0 - 1 [Rating 0-600]; Tactics, School Software. Interactive course on chess basics, including rules, tips and 700 carefully picked examples.

€89.00 €53.40Save: 40% off
Chess Tactics Level 1 (Download, Multiplatform 5x)Chess Tactics Level 1 (Download, Multiplatform 5x)
Levels 1 - 2 [Rating 200-1000]; Tactics. 570 tactical exercises classified by theme and difficulty ensure variety and a good understanding of basic tactics.

€14.35 €9.99Save: 30% off
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