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Total Chess Tactics (on CD)Total Chess Tactics (on CD)
Total Chess Tactics package consist of 3 products: Chess Tactics level 1, 2 and Chess Tactics level 3.

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Chess Tactics for intermediate players (CD)Chess Tactics for intermediate players (CD)
You have to find the most important moves. Once you're solving a problem and proposing a wrong move. (ELO 1600-2200). English and Spanish versions...

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Chess Combinations Encyclopedia (on CD)Chess Combinations Encyclopedia (on CD)
Levels 4 - 7 [Rating 1200-2000]; Tactics. A fundamental course on chess tactics. 4000 examples and exercises on more than 100 tactical methods and...

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Displaying 21 to 23 (of 23 products)

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CT-ART 6.0 (Windows only, DVD, multi-language)CT-ART 6.0 (Windows only, DVD, multi-language)
Levels 1 - 9 [Rating 200-2400]; Tactics. Largest Tactics combo available with over 10,000 exercises for all chess players, from beginners to masters.

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Monthly Specials For July

Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players (DVD)Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players (DVD)
Chess Tactics for Club Players + Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players

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Chess Tactics in Sicilian Defense (DVD)Chess Tactics in Sicilian Defense (DVD)
Levels 6 - 8 [Rating 1600-2200]; Opening. An extensive course covering the most sharp and deciding variations of the Sicilian Defense.

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CT-ART for Beginners (DVD)CT-ART for Beginners (DVD)
Level 5 [Rating 1400-1600]; Tactics. 150 examples and 1500 exercises on more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.

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Advanced Defense (CD)Advanced Defense (CD)
Levels 3 - 5 [Rating 1000-1600]; Tactics. 400 exercises on piece protection and checkmate prevention.

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