Chess Training (on CD/DVD)

Our products cover the training needs of every chess player from the total beginner to the grandmaster level. Every aspect of the game is covered from the opening to the middlegame and the endgame and from strategy to tactics.

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Featured Products - Chess Training (on CD/DVD)

CT-ART 6.0 (DVD, multi-language)CT-ART 6.0 (DVD, multi-language)
Levels 1 - 9 [Rating 200-2400]; Tactics. Largest Tactics combo available with over 10,000 exercises for all chess players, from beginners to masters.

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off

Monthly Specials For January

Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players (DVD)Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players (DVD)
Chess Tactics for Club Players + Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players

€14.35 €11.48Save: 20% off
Chess School for Beginners (on CD)Chess School for Beginners (on CD)
Levels 0 - 1 [Rating 0-600]; Tactics, School Software. Interactive course on chess basics, including rules, tips and 700 carefully picked examples.

€14.35 €11.48Save: 20% off
Total Chess Training IV (CD)Total Chess Training IV (CD)
Total Chess Training IV consists of five magnificent educational programs and covers such aspects of chess as Opening, Combinations, Attack and Defense. This package includes nearly 50,000 positions to be solved with difficulty from 1300 to 2000 ELO.

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off
Total Chess Tactics (on CD)Total Chess Tactics (on CD)
Total Chess Tactics package consist of 3 products: Chess Tactics level 1, 2 and Chess Tactics level 3.

€22.50 €18.00Save: 20% off
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