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In this category we offer several annotated game collections of the world champions in electronic format as well as training execises, which aim to teach you to play like your favorite world champion.

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Jose Raul Capablanca - 3rd World Champion (download)Jose Raul Capablanca - 3rd World Champion (download)
640 commented games played by the 3rd World Champion Jose Raul Capablanca. All the games deeply annotated by GM Khailfman and Petersburg IMs.

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Mikhail Botvinnik - 6th World Champion (download)Mikhail Botvinnik - 6th World Champion (download)
The most complete collection of Botvinniks games ever compiled. Contains as many as 1.069 games played by Botvinnik from 1924 till 1970.

€17.94 €12.49Save: 30% off

Mikhail Tal - 8th World Champion (download)Mikhail Tal - 8th World Champion (download)
The most complete collection of Tal’s games ever compiled. Contains 2,592 games, covering the entire career of the most brilliant attacking...

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Displaying 11 to 13 (of 13 products)

Monthly Specials For July

Viswanathan Anand - 15th World Champion (download)Viswanathan Anand - 15th World Champion (download)
All 2929 games played by the World Champion. About 550 of them with commentary. 191 exercises: play like Anand and play against Anand.

€17.94 €12.49Save: 30% off
Boris Spassky - 10th Chess Champion (download)Boris Spassky - 10th Chess Champion (download)
This course contains all the games of the 10th World Champion, one of the superior masters of attack in chess history.

€17.94 €12.49Save: 30% off
Alexander Alekhine - 4th World Champion (download)Alexander Alekhine - 4th World Champion (download)
This is a re-release of the course in the Peshk@ interface supporting new versions of Windows. The course contains <b>1300</b> commented games played by the 4th World Champion Alexander Alekhine.

€17.94 €12.49Save: 30% off
Garry Kasparov - 13th World Champion (download)Garry Kasparov - 13th World Champion (download)
All 2466 games played by the legendary World Champion. 300 with commentary. 225 exercises: play like Kasparov and play against Kasparov.

€17.94 €12.49Save: 30% off
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