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This category includes various training packages for players of different skill. Packages contain multiple training course and cost less than courses separately.

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Modern Chess Opening Set (vol.1-7) (download)Modern Chess Opening Set (vol.1-7) (download)
Levels 6 - 8 [Rating 1600-2200]; Opening. All seven volumes of Modern Chess Opening series, covering almost all chess openings with detailed...

€67.50 €54.00Save: 20% off

Total Chess Tactics (Download)Total Chess Tactics (Download)
Total Chess Tactics package consist of 3 products: Chess Tactics level 1, 2 and Chess Tactics level 3.

€22.50 €18.00Save: 20% off

Training Package for Beginners (Download)Training Package for Beginners (Download)
Training Package for Beginners includes huge carefully selected material to improve the skill level of newer players.

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off

Training Package for Club Players (Download)Training Package for Club Players (Download)
Training Package for Club Players lets you learn and improve various chess sklils in opening, middlegame, endgame, tactics and strategy.

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off

Training Package for Intermediate Players (Download)Training Package for Intermediate Players (Download)
Chess Training Package for intermediate players consists of five magnificent educational programs that cover all the aspects of chess: Opening,...

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off

Displaying 11 to 15 (of 15 products)

Monthly Specials For August

Chess Middlegame Collection 2013 (download)Chess Middlegame Collection 2013 (download)
Levels 7 - 9 [Rating 1800-2400]; Strategy. More than 3000 examples and 4000 exercises on 18 strategic motifs.

€44.95 €35.96Save: 20% off
Chess Training Kit (Download)Chess Training Kit (Download)
Chess Training Kit is a set of 3 courses: Chess Guide for Club Players, Chess Guide for Intermediate Players and Chess Tactics in Open Games

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off
4 World Chess Champions (download)4 World Chess Champions (download)
This package includes 4 courses: Fischer, Kasparov, Anand, Carlsen.

€31.50 €25.20Save: 20% off
Chess Tactics in the Opening Set (10 programs, download)Chess Tactics in the Opening Set (10 programs, download)
Levels 6 - 8 [Rating 1600-2200]; Opening. A full set of all 10 courses of the Chess Tactics in the Opening series.

€71.95 €57.56Save: 20% off
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