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Chess Clocks
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Chess clock QUARTZChess clock QUARTZ
Quartz analog clock, a battery goes in a set, size 18*11*6.5, weight 0.38 kg, color: black Made in China.


Compact electronic chess clock DGT 960Compact electronic chess clock DGT 960
Compact electronic clock, Color: white, Size: 14*6.5*2.5 cm, Setting different time controls, including ones with adding. Shows different ways of...


Mechanic chess clock INSA in a wooden caseMechanic chess clock INSA in a wooden case
Mechanic chess clock in a wooden case, size 20.7*11.5*6.5, weight 0.775 kg Switching sides with buttons, aluminium, size: 20 mm Very convenient for...


DGT 3000DGT 3000
A new model of the most famous chess clock brand. Supports all time controls, including Fischer and Bronstein (with time addition). Officially...


DGT 2010, digital chess clockDGT 2010, digital chess clock
Numerous improvements have been implemented: Larger displays with more info in display Much easier to program Buzzer function Canadian and Japanese...


Setting any time control for the whole game for Black and White separately (without time increment). Sound. Pause button. Size 14.5 х13.5 х 7 cm....


Mechanic chess clock INSA in a plastic caseMechanic chess clock INSA in a plastic case
Chess clock in a plastic case, size 18.5*5.5*10, weight 0.475 kg color: black, Switching sides with buttons, buttons size 20 mm Most comfortable for...


Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
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